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Sample Pack

Sample Pack

Immerse Yourself in the Bewitching Allure

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting aromas of the British Isles with our Mythical Moods Tea Light Sample Pack, crafted with care in the United Kingdom. Each tea light in this collection is a tribute to the rich folklore and mystical landscapes of Britain. Wander through the timeless tales of the Enchanted Library, each scent as captivating as ancient lore. Be dazzled by the whimsical charm of Pixie Dust, a tribute to the isle's magical legends.

Experience the mythical might of a dragon's fiery breath, a nod to the fierce beasts of British mythology. Step into a wizard's chamber, where warm, spiced scents evoke the mystery of age-old British tales. Drift away into the sugary bliss of Fairy Floss Fantasy, a scent that echoes the sweet allure of British fairies.

Dive into the aromatic richness of Sorcerer's Tobacco, inspired by the historical use of herbs in British sorcery. As twilight approaches, light the Mage's Nightcap. Let its notes of fine cognac, infused with traditional British spices, enchant your senses. Finally, the Spiced Pumpkin Whispers candle cradles you in the cozy, magical atmosphere of a British autumn evening.

Our sample pack is a key to the storied and mystical heart of the United Kingdom, each flame a tribute to its legendary tales and scents.

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Immerse yourself in the bewitching allure.